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“Yoga. Alignment. Freedom: The  wild’n wise journey of Cat de Rham”

“Yoga. Alignment. Freedom: The wild’n wise journey of Cat de Rham”

June 13, 2021

Discover the wild'n wise journey of master yoga teacher, Catherine De Rham. From Hawai to Switzerland, from London to Sri Lanka, Cat de Rham shares with us her extraordinary soul journey and very personal life stories... From her Ashtanga initiation to raising a child as a single mother in the jungle... From her intensive Iyengar training to the dramatic and life-changing accident of her father. In this free conversation, Cat and I discuss Yoga, awareness, presence, the eight limbs of yoga beyond the physical asanas, alignment to our deep and personal truth, the celebration of our uniqueness. It was a rare, delightful, and precious conversation. Enjoy.

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Clay Lomakayu - “Peace: How we meet our losses”.

Clay Lomakayu - “Peace: How we meet our losses”.

June 2, 2021

Clay Lomakayu talks with Sonia Ratto about peace and how we meet our losses. Clay Lomakayu is an actor, singer, writer, shamanic healer, soul dreamer, and spiritual guide. He shares with us some teachings of "The Medicine of One", the non-dual shamanic path he has created. Clay has guided thousands and thousands of people from all over the world in retreats and vision quests in the desert of Arizona. 

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Natalie Gentry - “Return to Self”

Natalie Gentry - “Return to Self”

February 20, 2021

Meet Wild'n Wise women and men who embrace who they are, and live a radically authentic life. They decided to defy the conventions, overcome life obstacles and challenges, pursued their passions, follow their vision, reinvented themselves in order to live at the center of who they are, no matter how it looks like. There are great teachings and soul medicine in their personal journeys, and this is what this podcast is about. 
"Life is a journey. There is no destination, no place to arrive. Life is a miraculous succession of soul experiences, amazing encounters, and a journey of soul discovery. You are your own guru, follow your Soul Dream"  - Sonia Ratto, your host.

In this very first episode, Sonia interviews Natalie Gentry, whole health coach, massage therapist, breath coach, and Soul Motion teacher. Together they explore what it means to connect with body wisdom, heal through the body, navigate the traumatic events in our lives, create space to come back to our center, and align with who we truly are. Natalie's words for the wild'n wise women are:" You are already everything that you are meant to be, the challenge and invitation are to actually believe it!

Contact Natalie Gentry: https://www.nataliegentry.com/

Contact Sonia Ratto: https://soniaratto.com/wellness/


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